Are you tired of spotting players that play as good as you or better ? Tired of all of the sandbagging ? Do you want to improve your game ? Do you want to compete against good players and not have to worry about sandbagging or crazy races ? Then Choice Pool League is for you. If you would you like to start a Boss Division in your area ? Let us know and we will try to make that happen for you. We Have a Great Format , Great Competition , Short 8 Week Sessions , Great Payouts , Captain Shirts , Personal ID Membership Tags , 8 Ball – 9 Ball – 10 Ball on same night , Special Events , Go to 3 National Events a year , ( Vegas , Orlando Florida & Iowa ) , 3 to 5 Player Teams , Call Pockets , Non-Handicapped , and much , much more for the players. ( Basic Rules are Below )

1. Start time in Spring and Summer is at 7pm with a grace period of 15 minutes regular time , not bar time. Fall and Winter start times are 6:30 pm with a grace period of 15 minutes as well.

2. There are 3 sets in each match , 1 – 8 ball set , 1 – 9 ball set & 1 – 10 ball set. Players get 1 timeout per set and anyone on the team can coach the player , it does not have to be the same coach each time..

3. You can put in a substitute player but you cannot put him/her in until the player you want to pull out has finished his/her complete set that they are on.

4. Membership dues are renewed every Fall , around September.

5. Call your pockets , not the shot. Alternate breaks and rack for each other.

6. You can make a ball and call safe in 8 ball only.

7. You cannot make a ball and call safe in 9 or 10 ball. If you illegally pocket a ball in 9 or 10 ball then your opponent gets the option to make you shoot again. When racking 10 ball , put the 2 and 3 on the corners of the rack.

8. It is always open after the break in 8 ball. You cannot win or lose on the break. If you legally make the 8, 9 or 10 ball on the break it is spotted.

9. Once the cue ball crosses over the head string , it is considered a live ball and if you do not hit the rack then it is the opponents choice to let you try again or they break instead.

10. There is no home team so you flip to see who put up first and then the players flip to see who breaks first. Once you determine who breaks first , the winner of the break will break on all black numbers for the rest of the set.

11. If you foul on the break in 8 ball then it is ball in hand behind the head string. If you foul on the break in 9 or 10 ball then it is ball in hand anywhere on the table. 4 balls must hit a rail for a legal break.

12. If you knock the 8 ball off the table it is loss of game , any other balls that get knocked off the table are spotted.

13. If you scratch on the 8 or pocket it in the wrong hole then that is loss of game.

14. We do not use pro 10 ball rules and there is no 3 foul in 9 or 10 ball. Just your standard ball in hand foul rules apply.

15. You get 1 point for every 2 games you win. You must fill out the score sheet correctly and have your weekly dues up to date to receive 2 bonus points.

16. If a team forfeits a match in week 8 the they will not be eligible for the playoffs.

17. You must have at least 2 players to start the night. If a team forfeits the whole night then you get 7 points plus 2 bonus points if your paperwork and dues are correct and up to date. If a team forfeits the 3rd match then you get 3 points.

18. In case of a tie , it will go to the team that had the most games won and if that is still tied then you will go back to the prior week to see who had the most games won and so on until the tie is broken.

19. All credits are spit up by the league evenly among the players that were on the team. Example : if you have 4 guys on the team and you won a $100 credit last session , then the league will split it evenly at $ 25 per player and that will follow each player to whatever team they go to. If they choose not to play the next session then they forfeit any and all of their share of the credit. Any player that received a credit must play at least 42 games by week 8 the next session or the credit is forfeited and taken off of the teams dues and the balance is owed by that team.

20. The team that puts up first , must let the other team know after each set if they are pulling their player out after that set , if they do not inform the team then that player must stay in. The opposing team has the option to change their player after you inform them. If the opposing team takes their player out of a set after you said you were keeping your player in , then your team cannot change the player you have in that set.

21. When you are in the playoffs , every single player on your team must play at least 14 games or you team will lose 7 points. There are no forfeits during the playoffs or your team loses 7 points for that.

22. If a player scoops up all of the balls on the table then they have conceded that game.

23. Slow play will not be tolerated. You should not take longer than 45 seconds to shoot a ball. If a player continues slow play after a warning then , they will be put on the clock.